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App Features

The Pokio App has some great features such as: Insurance and Run it More Times.


Insurance Explained

You can reduce hand outcome variance with this risk control tool. For those large pots when you need to go all-in, you can avoid a bad beat with insurance tool.

There must be 7 players or less to trigger the insurance tool.

If there are side pots, minimum of 2 or 3 people must be in the main pot.

The Insured pot is the biggest pot.


Yes, for Insurance tool to be available.

on a 9 player table, only two players remain. If after the flop, your hand has a 90% chance of winning, the Insurance is caclulated as the Fee (the amount you wish top make for insurance) x 9. This Fee is taken from the Pot.

So if you win the pot, you lose the fee. If you lose the pot, you are paid 9 times Fee.

These are designed to help you make a quick decision:

Premium Plan – Calculates the Pot and Fee so no matter what the outcome, you will receive the same payout at the end of the hand.


Minimum Plan – calculates your exposure in the Pot and the Fee, giving you a refund if you lose the hand.

It is, we like to think of it as an extra tool for social poker players.

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